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The High Call of Forgiveness exposes the strategy of the enemy that has caused too many of us to believe it is too difficult to forgive. Undeniably, forgiving someone who has wronged us is difficult, but we can, if Christ lives in us.

In the High Call of Forgiveness, Rosemarie Downer takes you on a faith journey by sharing the context of offense, why we hurt others, why it is as difficult for most of us to forgive, how we can forgive, how we can go beyond forgiveness to reconciliation, and how we can obtain emotional healing. She also gives permission to hurt but notes carefully that hurt must be addressed in a timely manner. This is an eye-opening and honest journey of self-examination. You will ask yourself and find answers to questions like these: What got me here? How can I get past the pain? How is it that I love the Lord and know what the Word of God say about unforgiveness, yet I find it so difficult to obey?

This book will change your life!


About the Author

Dr. Rosemarie T. Downer is a nonfiction writer who focuses primarily on inspirational books based on the Word of God. Her main reason for writing is to edify the body of Christ and make a permanent record of what our Heavenly Father has to say to His people through her pen of a ready writer. Her deepest desire is that the readers’ lives will be transformed as, by faith, they apply the words from the pages of her books.

The Spoken Word on Forgiveness: A 40-Day Devotional

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