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The Self-Scarred Church

The Self-Scarred Church discusses the seven most damaging self-inflicted wounds to the church — (1) Lack of Vision, (2) Survival Mentality, (3) Anti-Pharisaical Tendencies, (4) Crab Syndrome, (5) Poverty Mentality, (6) Recognition Curse, and (7) King Leadership. 


Through an in-depth discussion of these seven wounds, Rosemarie Downer, without reservation, highlights the deficiencies and incompetence that for decades have slowed down and, in many ways, impeded the progress of the Church. She uncovers some sleeping giants in the Church but is careful to give some sound advice that are grounded in the Word. 


Church leaders — bishops, pastors, ministers, entire ministerial staff — and aspiring ministers and lay members of all Christian denominations should read this book.

The Self-Scarred Church

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