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A lot has been written and said about forgiveness, but the Word of God is final on the matter. God has spoken and we must take heed. The Spoken Word on Forgiveness offers a 40-day daily discussion of and reflection on specific Scriptures about forgiveness. The Scriptures address a range of issues pertaining to forgiveness including (1) God’s gift of forgiveness to you, (2) how you can position your heart to forgive, (3) a reminder that it is your duty to forgive, (4) a reminder that you should forgive as God did and continues to do, (5) help from the Word of God to forgive, and (6) a reminder that you can forgive. Forgiveness, when done God’s way is a tall order, but if you read this devotional with the willingness to do as the Lord says, you will not be the same by the end of the 40 days. Without doubt, some Scriptures are challenging, but make no mistake, your Paraclete, The Holy Spirit, is there to teach and help you.


The High Call of Forgiveness "It's a Mandate" Updated & Expanded

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