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To Whom Are You Espoused, Church or God?
The Covid-19 Test: Church or God?Religion or Relationship? is a rich resource for believers as I challenge us to make God the head of our lives, to be in love with His heart, and to love and pursue His presence and not His presents. The book discusses how COVID-19 has forced us to worship outside of the physical building and how that has differentiated the boys from the men and the girls from the women in our walk with Christ. It has revealed who our hearts truly long for – God Himself, church life, ministry activities, or other. The book discusses how the blessings of today – good gifts from God – often distract us from God and dullen our appetite for Him. This book details how we, God’s beloved children, often unknowingly choose idols that pose as good things over our God who is superior, and it makes an appeal to followers of Jesus Christ to put God first. The urgent call in the book is to love God with all our heart, soul, and might, to even love Him (the Person Jesus Christ) more than good things such as ministry. 
The COVID-19 pandemic is a test of our allegiance to the God we serve. I will engage you in a thought-provoking discussion of why some lost connection with God or declined spiritually during the COVID-19 restriction on congregate church gatherings. I will engage you in addressing this question – How does your relationship with God before and after the COVID-19 lockdown compare?
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Church or God? Religion or Relationship?

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