Wholeness In Christ

In the last post we established the fact that your loving heavenly Father wants you whole. Wholeness goes beyond being healed. Healing may address an aspect of your life, but wholeness addresses all aspects.

7 Tips To Become Whole:

  1. Believe what the Word of God say about you.

  2. See yourself thru the eyes of God. In His eyes, you are precious, you are redeemed. Your Father sees a complete work when He looks at you.

  3. Take control over what goes in your spirit. Guard your eye gate and your ear gate.

  4. Recognize that you cannot control what happens to you, but you can control what happens in you. You can control what goes inside of you, and you should, because it is what comes out of the body that defiles it. Nothing can come out of the body that did not go in it.

  5. Know that you cannot control another person’s behavior, but you can control what you do in response to their behavior. You can control the impact of their behavior on you.

  6. Stop giving people control over your emotional destiny. You are in control of your spiritual and emotional well-being, not your offender.

  7. Forgive your offender and set yourself free. This will open the flood gates for wholeness.

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