It’s Not About You

Do you know there is more to you than you? Do you know that you are of a worth and value that Satan envies? Do you know that you are worth more than you probably think? Do you know that you are a very important part of a bigger picture? Without you, that picture is incomplete.

I want you to shift your perspective. I want you to begin to think and know that without you, the body of Christ will not be complete. That's just how important you are. So, with that understanding, I want you to begin to think and know that when you go through an attack of the enemy, when you go through a rough spot, a trial, a struggle that seeks to steal your joy, it is not about you.

Satan is after your destiny. He's after your anointing. He's after the call of God upon your life. He wants to erase the mark that Father has put on you to claim you as His own. Like shepherds do, this Shepherd of your soul has stamped His name in and on you. He has branded you, so Satan knows whose you are. Satan’s goal is to erase the mark that your loving Father, the all-mighty God has put on you.

So, when you go through a struggle, when you go through an assault of the enemy or an assault of a loved one that tries your soul, understand that it's not about you. It's about the seed that is in you; it’s about your destiny. Satan is trying to kill that seed. He wants to decimate your destiny. He wants to cancel the call of God that is upon your life.

It's not about you, it's bigger than you. You are important but not that important. You are important to the Kingdom of all-mighty God and Satan knows that; do you? With that understanding, I pray that, going forward, you'll be better able to handle the attacks of the enemy.

Fight the enemy, the enemy of your soul, not the source, not the visible tangible source of the attack. Go after the spirit behind the visible, tangible source of the attack. It’s the devil that wants to kill you, not the person he uses to carry out his evil works. So, it's not your boss, it's not your husband, it's not your wife, it's not your pastor, it's not the worship leader, is not your sister, it's not your brother, it's the enemy of your soul. His name is Satan, the deceiver, the murderer, the liar. The one who came to kill you, steal from you, and to destroy you.

Shift your perspective!

This topic is covered in detail in chapter 2 of THE HIGH CALL OF FORGIVENESS, It’s A Strategy.

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