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The High Call of Forgiveness

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The Self-Scared Church

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The Spoken Word on Forgiveness offers a 40-day daily discussion of and reflection on specific Scriptures about forgiveness. The Scriptures address a range of issues pertaining to forgiveness including (1) God’s gift of forgiveness to you, (2) how you can position your heart to forgive, (3) a reminder that it is your duty to forgive, (4) a reminder that you should forgive as God did and continues to do, (5) help from the Word of God to forgive, and (6) a reminder that you can forgive.

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The Spoken Word On
40-Day Devotional
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Dr. Rosemarie Downer is a dedicated follower of Christ who aspires to having the closest relationship with Christ possible. Her service in the body of Christ primarily involves teaching and preaching. She also spent well over 30 years serving in youth ministries. Other focus areas in her ministry include women and single adults. As well, she often ministers on issues that address emotional healing and well-being. She counts every opportunity to minister an ultimate privilege from God the Father and does not take it lightly.

She is the founder and former President of BRYDGES (Building Responsible Youth by Delivering Genuine Enrichment Services), over which she functioned as the President for 15 years − 2001 through 2016. She is a published author of The Self-Scarred Church and several parenting handbooks. Additionally, she is the author of a comprehensive ministry development course – Find and Occupy Your Place and the Continuum of Care Youth Ministry Development Handbook.

Dr. Downer served at The U.S. Department of Agriculture as a social science researcher for 20 years and as an adjunct professor at Bowie State University for 24 years. She is now retired from both positions and is currently a private consultant doing grant writing and research and evaluation. In addition, she is doing what she dreamed of doing for years, and that is to write books to edify the body of Christ.

Dr. Downer writes inspirational nonfiction books that are based on the Word of God. Her main reason for writing is to make a permanent record of what our heavenly Father has to say to His people through her pen of a ready writer. Her deepest desire is that the readers’ lives will be transformed as, by faith, they apply the words from the pages of her books.

The pivotal scripture verse for her ministry is 3John 2 – “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” Her most favorite Bible verse is Philippians 1:6: “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Her favorite Bible character is Moses because he had the relationship with Abba Father that she so very deeply desires. Moses was able to talk to God the Father face-to-face and without riddle because of the close relationship he had with Him. That is her desire!

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Effie Gilzean , Amazon
"The High Call of Forgiveness"

“One of the best book that I have read in a while. It get to the core of the issue and provide the tools to assist you in the process, I would definitely recommend it for group study . Love, love thank you for feeding our spirit with good food.”

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There is only one Rosemarie Downer. She is uniquely a Christian purpose-driven woman. She has written this book for the Church at large but particularly for the edification of the constituency of Sabbath-keeping churches of God and their leaders. In this book, she identifies with clarity the issues, inconsistencies, and incompetence that have hindered the progress of the Church and its leadership for many years. She assesses the need for the acquisition and implementation of basic principles of leadership that should motivate current and future leaders to achieve higher standards of administration and personal conduct. 

All professing Christian churches and organizations can profit by reading the information contained in this book. 

I congratulate her for a timely and well-written book, and I pray that this book will be widely circulated and read. 


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It opens up one's eyes to how the enemy of our souls work to trip us up in our Christian walk. The book provides a breakdown of the passages of Scripture dealing with the issues of forgiveness and oneness and how important that is in order for the Body of Christ to be effective. 

Samuel W. Carson, Sr., Pastor Emeritus
Shiloh Church of God Seventh Day, Hyattsville, Maryland
"The Self Scarred Church"

Maxine Bansie , Amazon
"The High Call of Forgiveness"



The High Call of Forgiveness: It’s A Mandate

The High Call of Forgiveness exposes the strategy of the enemy that has caused too many to believe it is too difficult to forgive. Undeniably, forgiving someone who has wronged us is difficult, but we can, if Christ lives in us. This book will take you on a faith journey that examines the context in which offense occurs, why we hurt others, why it is as difficult for most of us to forgive, how we can forgive, how we can go beyond forgiveness to reconciliation, and how we can obtain emotional healing. You will get permission to hurt but will be gently reminded that hurt must be addressed in a timely manner.


The High Call of Forgiveness:  Leader Guide

This Leader Guide is a companion to The High Call of Forgiveness. It provides the information needed to lead others into a deeper examination of the concepts discussed in the book and to look closely at scripture references that speak directly to the contents of the book.

The book, The High Call of Forgiveness exposes the strategy of the enemy that has deceived many into believing it is too difficult to forgive. Undeniably, forgiving someone who has wronged us is difficult. By going deeper into the concepts of the book, as a discussion leader, you will help many realize they can forgive. 


Ds and Fs Won’t Do

Expected publication date: December 2021

Do you have faith but sometimes feel doubtful? Do you have goals but cannot seem to focus enough time and attention to achieving those goals? Do you know what distracts you from focusing on your goals? Fear? If so, what makes you fearful? What keeps you from moving forward? Failure? Are you overwhelmed by your failures? Do you know how to use these failures as steppingstones?

These questions are worth considering. Without thoughtful deliberation and a process to address these concerns, you will not perceive or maximize your potential. Ds & Fs Won’t Do will help you face your giants. This journey of discovery will meticulously examine several emotionally crippling conditions that many of us face. These conditions affect us in many ways, including spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

The Ds explored include Doubt, Discouragement, Depression, and Distraction, and the Fs examined include Frustration, Failure, and Fear.

Get ready!

Coming Soon

The High Call of Forgiveness:  Student Workbook

This Student Workbook is a companion to The High Call of Forgiveness. It’s A Mandate. It provides the information needed for a deep examination of the concepts discussed in the book.

The book, The High Call of Forgiveness exposes the strategy of the enemy that has deceived many into believing it is too difficult to forgive. Undeniably, forgiving someone who has wronged us is difficult, but we can, if Christ lives in us.

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The Covid-19 Test: Church or God? Religion or Relationship?

Here is a question for all Christians, all followers of Christ — church or God? This question is worth pondering and it deserves an honest answer that can only be found after prayerful introspection. To most Christians, church is a major part of our lives, and it should be. But how does church life — ministry, religious customs, relationships, events — rank with your relationship with God? To what degree have these and anything else related to church define the depth and vibrancy of your relationship with your God? Most Christians cannot imagine life without church. If that’s you, this could be pointing to your answer to this very important question, but there is much more that must be taken into consideration before responding.

While fully acknowledging the God-ordained institution called church, Church Or God? Which One? will take you through an in-depth discourse of this question. This book details how we, God’s beloved children, often unknowingly choose good things over our God, the absolute superior best. Rosemarie Downer will engage you in a thought-provoking discussion of why so many Christians seem to lose connection with God outside of the four walls of the church. The COVID-19 pandemic was a test of our allegiance to the God we serve. How does your relationship with God before and after the COVID-19 lockdown compare?

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The Self-Scarred Church

The Self-Scarred Church discusses the seven most damaging self-inflicted wounds to the church — (1) Lack of Vision, (2) Survival Mentality, (3) Anti-Pharisaical Tendencies, (4) Crab Syndrome, (5) Poverty Mentality, (6) Recognition Curse, and (7) King Leadership. 


Through an in-depth discussion of these seven wounds, Rosemarie Downer, without reservation, highlights the deficiencies and incompetence that for decades have slowed down and, in many ways, impeded the progress of the Church. She uncovers some sleeping giants in the Church but is careful to give some sound advice that are grounded in the Word. 


Church leaders — bishops, pastors, ministers, entire ministerial staff — and aspiring ministers and lay members of all Christian denominations should read this book.

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